In addition to the information contained on this site, we have also made the following resources available.

Unbranded Website

Online Virtual Catalog

Online Virtual Catalog – Unbranded

Product Template Downloads

If you're looking for templates and product information or instructions, please email us at for specific product templates.

Artwork Guidelines

Please submit all artwork in a digital format (for PC), via one of the below ways:

- A CD sent to our physical address.

- An email sent to

- A file uploaded to our ftp site. Please call for that information.

If you email or upload files via ftp, it is imperative that some sort of reference is provided to the person with whom you are working, to identify the file as being yours.  

Our graphics department requires all art to be provided in a vector format, in either an Adobe Illustrator or EPS file (CS4 or lower). We cannot use JPEGs or TIFFs which have been saved as EPS files.

If CMYK colors are to be used, our production is only able to print to the nearest 10%. The final product cannot be rejected on the basis of the color. If you require specific PANTONE preferences (PMS), then specification is required for all colors used in the vector artwork, for us to match.

For viewing purposes, a JPEG or PDF must be sent along with the provided print-ready artwork, with all PANTONE colors clearly identified. Colors on a computer screen appear differently on computer monitors. PANTONE colors must be selected from a PANTONE color book, and not from your computer screen, as monitors do not accurately display colors.

Please note that due to the nature of printing, we cannot print metallics or fluorescent PANTONES.

Fonts. All vector fonts / text should be converted to outlines (paths or curves), otherwise the actual font should be provided (true type).

Images. All images need to be a minimum of 100 dpi at full size for optimal printing output. Individual images should be imbedded into the larger file, not saved as links.