• Digital Media

    Digital Media

    Traditional signs and banners are effectively becoming "old school". The incorporation of LED lighting is changing signage in big ways. Custom LED signs, programmable LED displays, LED lightboxes and LED window signage allows for a greater impact in a message's presensation, through light and special effects.

    Programmable LED Displays:

    Control the message, effects, colors and overally display specs with the simplified use of the unit's remote control.

    We offer three sizes:

       Small: 31.2" x 4.25" x 6.2"

       Medium: 40.8" x 4.25" x 6.2"

       Large: 50.4" x 4.25" x 6.2"

    Warranty: 1 Year

    Pitch: 0.3" or 7.6 mm

    Number of Lines: 2

    Character Size: 2"


    Custom LED Displays and Lightboxes use the best quality LEDs, along with full color printing on backlit vinyl.


    Traditional means of creating and publishing collateral has been through printing. Associated with that is the cost and time to print, ship and lack of convenience in having your catalog in your customer's hands NOW. 

    Imagine the possibilities of being able to provide to any customer, or potential customer, this valuable information - via an email, any time you want.

    We have created through our own proprietary software, the most advanced and realistic 3D online virtual media available. With page-flip technology, the online experience of viewing your collateral, will seem like the the real tangible thing.

    For an extremely low cost, you can create or have us create for you, stunning online brochures, magazines and presentations.


    Click to View Samples:


    - Impact Advertising Catalog

    - Banners4Branding Catalog

    - FastSigns Virtual Catalog

    - T.Smart Virtual Catalog


    Virtual Media Product Specs:


    Page Orientation: Unlimited

    # Pages: Minimum 10

    Customization: Unlimited

    Hosting: Minimum 12 Months