• Teardrop Banners

    Teardrop Banners

    The use of Teardrop BannersTM ensures that your image is always seen, from any direction that is viewable, for your specific target market to appreciate. These outdoor banners are innovative, truly "element defying" and these flying banners are high impact and utilize sublimated printing, which offers brilliant, vivid branding opportunities with single and double sided options.

    Our Teardrop BannersTM offer many benefits that neither the competition's banners, nor traditional signage can offer towards your branding efforts. These flying banners include seven sizes with heights of up to 14 ft, durable single, double or triple-layer polyester fabric with the highest quality uv treated full color dye-sublimated imprinting. The set up and removal of these flying banners is fast and easy, as it can be performed in seconds, and the complete banner system folds neatly into its included padded carry bag. They can be used on the grass / sand / snow with a ground stake, or on any hard surface with a hard surface stand, whcih also comes with a refillable weight bag. There are also various wall and canopy leg mounts as well.

    Teardrop BannersTM are great marketing tools for in-store, outdoor or indoor use and are manufactured in a variety of sizes to meet any advertising need. They can be used with any of a number of mounting options including hard surface stands w/ weight bags, ground stakes, walls mounts and car tire mounts. Teardrop Banners are also available as Backpack Teardrop Banners.

    These Teardrop BannersTM are not to be confused with the hundreds of knock-off products that have flooded the market. These are the originals, are the finest quality available, and because of that, they come with the best warranty available.


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    Our Bow Banner, Teardrop Banner, Flag Banner and Spinning Daqrt Banner's Aluminum Poles are the most premium on the market, and come with a 3 Year Warranty.


    Teardrop Banner Sizes:

    Backpack Teardrop Banner (Double Sided)

         Graphic Size: 20" x 45"

    14" Teardrop Banners (Single or Double Sided)

         Graphic Size: 5" x 12" 

         Actual Size: 5" x 14"

    19" Teardrop Banners (Single or Double Sided)

         Graphic Size: 9" x 16"

         Actual Size: 9" x 19"

    4 ft Teardrop Banners (Single or Double Sided)

         Graphic Size: 19" x 33"

         Actual Size: 19" x 48"

    6.5 ft Teardrop Banners (Single or Double Sided)

         Graphic Size: 27" x 59"

         Actual Size: 27" x 78"

    8 ft Teardrop Banners (Single or Double Sided)

         Graphic Size: 34 x 70"

         Actual Size: 34" x 96"

    11 ft Teardrop Banners (Single or Double Sided)

         Graphic Size: 40" x 95"

         Actual Size: 40" x 132"

    14 ft Teardrop Banners (Single or Double Sided)

         Graphic Size: 41" x 144"

         Actual Size: 41" x 168"


    Teardrop Banner Product Specs:

    Single sided artwork has the reverse image on back.

    Double sided artwork includes a light block layer.

    Standard Sizes: 4 ft, 6.5 ft, 8 ft, 11 ft and 14 ft

    Table Top Sizes: 14" and 19"

    Available as a Backpack Teardrop Banner.

    High impact aluminum poles come with a 3 year wrty.

    Replacement fabric skins available.

    Ideal at any event and in any location including:

        Indoor and outdoor events

        Trade shows and special event

        Retail stores

        General and off-site promotions

        Auto dealers

        Corporate and sporting events

    Permanent & semi-permanent mounting options:

        Soft surface ground stake

        Hard surface scissor stand w/ water weight bag

        Vehicle tire mount

        Various wall mounts